Ajarn Bryan Dobler Workshop at T.A.G. Muay Thai

Ajarn Bryan Dobler Workshop: Authentic Muay Thai at its Finest

T.A.G. Muay Thai had the privilege of having Ajarn Bryan “Double Dose” Dobler out for two workshops last week at the Sportsplex in Sterling, Virginia [related: Ajarn Bryan video]!  This was his second time out to this location since I moved my operations from my two-car garage gym back in January 2013.  Once I started at the Sportsplex, I started with all brand new people, developing a curriculum for new people, and carrying all of our equipment from the storage room on the first floor and hauling it up the stairs to the second floor.  Now we have bins and students that understand our vision of being recognized as the premier brand for Authentic Muay Thai instruction and merchandise in the World.  Having my trainer I’ve known for 15+ years come over and teach my students, is like having a personal consultant and do a “makeover” for T.A.G. Muay Thai and take my operations to the next level!

I’ve known  since 1999 when he was teaching out of his garage in Fontana, California.  He was the first and only “Farang” in Southern California teaching Authentic Muay Thai.  Before I met Ajarn Bryan, I was already training 10 years in the martial arts.  I started out in Tae Kwon Do because my dad introduced me to one of his coworkers who taught TKD because I was bullied.  When I started college, my neighbor taught another form of martial art called “Lima Lama”, which was a Polynesian martial art along with American-Style Kickboxing.  I did point fighting tournaments and won, so the next logical step is full contact fighting.

I did my first Kickboxing fight in El Monte, California and fought a guy with 7 fights and was 15lbs heavier than me.  No problem.  Not so much.  I lost and for the next two years, I started doing some soul searching and training at numerous gyms to find the right instructor. Enter Ajarn Bryan Dobler and fast-forward 15 years. The reason I chose him is the exact same reason I’ve been with Ajarn Bryan to this very day.  It’s not because he’s a professional Muay Thai Champion, led Team USA to fight in Thailand, has numerous champions and is a pioneer for American Muay Thai – it was the amount of wisdom, knowledge, and his passion of Muay Thai!

Ajarn Bryan is an incredible teacher.  The students did shadowboxing as a warm-up.  He watched and he talked about things to work on – stay in a box and utilize footwork to face all four sides, their intensity, realistic combinations, etc.  Ajarn Bryan reviewed key techniques to my students:  three types of stances, different guards and context of using them and High Percentage techniques and combinations.  His set-ups are brilliant.  What’s truly amazing is that he is not only able to teach a technique but decipher it to any level of student and put it into context of combat.  His professionalism with the way he moves, talks and slight humor makes it an enjoyable learning experience.  The group doing the workshop instantly got better after class.  In relation to other seminars and workshops I’ve attended, Ajarn Bryan’s concepts improves any Nak Muay instantly because of the simplistic and realistic application.[metaslider id=1355]

If anybody gets an opportunity to train or even meet Ajarn Bryan Dobler, the wisdom, professionalism and aura behind this man is extraordinary! If you live in the Fontana area, check out Ajarn Bryan’s gym – Double Dose Muay Thai.  Live in the Northern Virginia area? Stop by T.A.G. Muay Thai for a free 30-day trial.

Want to get a preview of Ajarn Bryan Dobler’s Muay Thai wisdom? Check out the video below:

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