Armband Testing (anxiety) 1, 2, 3…..

Written by Shaida Hong

May 30, 2019

I remember the first time we had to test for armbands to go to the next rank. Kru Chris announced that we would be testing at the end of the month.  My eyes opened wide and I had butterflies in my stomach.  This was the first time Kru Chris began testing for us since I’d joined TAG.  My stomach was in knots and I was dreading it…I was just getting comfortable with the combinations and techniques and I was a newbie.  In the back of my mind, I just didn’t want to fail. [Related: The Secret to Muay Thai Rank]

How I battled my anxietyHaving a consistent partner helps you keep accountable for your attendance.  I believe it’s how we grow, in everything.  Having someone there learning the same material as you, you both are helping one another become better.  I am always opened to advice from my classmates, if I wasn’t doing something technically correct, they would adjust me and get me back on track.  You have to remember to give 100% in everything you learn and do.  You have to put in the time, slow down the movement if you are having issues and to continually practice outside of class.   

You’re not in it aloneKru Chris always taught us if you want to look good, you have to be a good training partner.  We had to work as a team, and I did see it that very first day of testing.  A lot of people think is an individual sport.  It’s not.  We all kept pushing and encouraged one another and it was a good 2-hour test (since this was first run).  I remember hearing everybody cheering and pushing one another.  You end up growing a bond with the people you work and team up with.  We all had the same common goal, don’t suck and pass the test.  We all lined up for testing, and I remember shutting everything else out and focusing.  I totally messed it up on some parts, but kept going and my partner encouraged me to keep going.

It was a great feeling to finish.  To just say and speak is one thing, but to do and finish is another.  I was able to achieve my white arm band (prajiad) as well.  This was test one out of MANY tests, and many new opportunities to improve on my skills.  I believe in building a foundation, get the basics down and everything else is a plus.  There is always so much room for improvement and growth, no doubt about that.  Just remember DON’T QUIT!

Keep striving to be a better you, don’t compare yourself to anyone else.  At the end of the day you know you put in the work and it was you who finished the test! 

Written by Shaida Hong – single mom of 4, Nak Muay (White Prajiad), and health chef. Learn more about T.A.G. Muay Thai by visiting our homepage, InstagramFacebook, and Twitter account. Live out of town? Get Muay Thai tutorials on YouTube to further your own fitness journey.