Is Learning Muay Thai Dangerous?

Authentic Muay Thai fights and even knee or elbow strikes in popularized UFC fights tend to result in brutal and bloody scenes. Thousands of years ago, those movements were designed to cause maximum devastation as quickly as possible. Muay Thai practiced in a “training” setting is a scene that focuses on technique and less on blood and destruction.



#1 Thai PadsThai Pads are rectangular leather or vinyl covered foam pads. The pads are firm with little give and run the length of a shin or forearm. They are usually strapped to a coach or training partners’ forearms. As you practice kicks and other strikes, you will learn to perfect your technique by constantly hitting these pads.#2 ConditioningYes, Muay Thai fighters a.k.a Nak Muays kick with their shins. Yes, shins are sensitive. But, it is important to know that constantly mastering your craft by kicking Thai Pads and hitting bags will train your brain to become used to impact on the shin. Your nerves don’t die but your brain does become “trained” by the training.

Side note: Don’t ever kick trees or roll bottles over your shins to toughen them. You are just injuring yourself and doing so without even properly practicing technique. Use Thai Pads, hitting bags, and sparring to toughen yourself up the safe and more effective way. [Related: The Truth About Kicking Trees In Muay Thai]

#3 TechniquePracticing Muay Thai under a good instructor is key to becoming a great (and injury-free) student. In training, technique is everything. Proper technique can be the difference between gaining points in a competitive environment or saving yourself in a self-defense situation or not. Proper technique can also keep you from pulling a muscle during training. Choose an instructor who prioritizes drills with various partners and conditioning in training. Want to improve your technique outside of the gym? Shadow Box!!

#4 SparringWhen sparring, the potential for injury is much higher than when training in the gym. But, keep in mind that everyone who is sparring has been preparing for the opportunity to spar so no one there should be a danger to themselves at least! Even when sparring, you are protected by plenty of gear including head guards, mouth guards, shin guards, wrapped hands and gloves.

You might sustain a bruise or swollen spot but for the most part, no busted faces or any other more extreme injuries.Sparring will best prepare you for an actual “fight” scenario as your target is not only moving but also throwing kicks, teeps, knees, and a full gamut of other strikes.

T.A.G. Muay Thai is dedicated to teaching others the authentic art of Muay Thai. We believe that no-fuss, safe, and proper methods are required to be the most effective as a student, fighter, and for self-protection.

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Kru Chris

Head Instructor, federal law enforcement officer.