11 Ways Muay Thai Traditions Can Make You A Better Person

11 Ways Muay Thai Traditions Can Make Us Better People


The Art of Eight Limbs isn’t all about face-splitting elbows, damaging knees, and bat-busting shins – there’s another side to Thai Boxing that honors personal development. Read on for the top 11 ways Muay Thai can change an individual for the better:

  1. HonorWhen you enter an authentic Thai Boxing gym, you do so making an agreement with your instructor that you will put in 110% effort and he or she will teach you everything they know. This relationship translates well for youth – honoring authorities like parents and teachers.
  2. GratitudeThe Wai Kru is an ancient Thai ceremony performed by fighters before every fight. A primary purpose is to show gratitude and pay homage to both the instructor and ancestors.
  3. RespectDon’t EVER abuse equipment at a Muay Thai gym. Throwing your glove down out of place can get you chewed out fast.
  4. Concern for our environmentNak Muays summon the energy of the earth, air, fire and water to transpire during fights. We basically understand that without the environment, we’re defenseless so we have to protect it.
  5. Not to sweat the small stuffOnce you’ve been clobbered in the face or had a few weeks of shin discomfort, small things that used to be stressful can seem trivial. After all, most pain is only temporary.
  6. ConfidenceFrom practicing drills with your eyes closed to watching strikes come dangerously closewithout blinking – many students have lost feelings of fear and helplessness in confrontations.
  7. Salt of the earth Getting whooped by someone older, smaller, or who otherwise doesn’t look intimidating is humbling. Period.
  8. Peace-loving
  9. Because you’ve been beat up by unassuming folks, you are the least likeliest person to pick a fight. You could be sharing the streets with a Kru! Judging a book by its cover is 100% ineffective.
  10. DisciplineIt can take over 1000 repetitions, countless burpees and hours of shadowboxing to accomplish even the smallest proficiencies. Finally getting a new move down – worth it!
  11. Physical abilityYou will notice a significant improvement in control, timing and motor skills. Friends will freak out when they see you swat a fly on the first attempt and lose some of your clumsy habits.
  12. UnityIn a good gym, members become like family. Mutual respect for your instructor and others drives unity – we’re all in this together anyway, right!?

There are many paths leading to self-improvement, Muay Thai is just one of them. If you want to make the world a better place, start by looking in the mirror (preferably while shadowboxing)! If you live in Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland and want to give Thai Boxing a try, contact us to claim a FREE 14-day trial. Not local? Check out our YouTube channel for how-to’s and tutorials.

Kru Chris

Head Instructor, federal law enforcement officer.