Spar Wars – The East Coast Strikes Back at Level Up Boxing



Thanks again to Jason Farrell of Level Up Boxing in Bowie, MD for hosting “Spar Wars”, and to the great T.A.G. crew for representing and sticking together when a fighter of another gym got out of hand on one of our own.  Jason is the owner and has personally told me he would take care of Marie for us when she is in Spain, so whatever we can do to support his gym and Muay Thai in the area, I am willing to do.  For those don’t know what these events are, it’s a bunch of gyms from around the DMV area that bring their fighters and spar with one another for 2 hours. Exhibition fights are held later that evening.

Events like “Spar Wars” are a great way for students to get experience outside of their circle, seasoned fighters to work on a couple of techniques, combinations or strategy with somebody new besides a fellow teammate.  Learning from our previous experience, we all discussed “things to work on” when going with somebody new…that lasted about 10 minutes and then it was survival of the fittest until time ran out.

The energy and control was a lot higher than the previous event.  It was fun to see our newer students spar with other students from other gyms, it was like watching them do their first fight!  This event gave them great experience so when they do their first fight, they will be more comfortable.  Even John got to showcase his one “kick” and showed he isn’t just hands.  He did get swept like a rag doll to a smaller guy but he made up for it when he diffused a situation with a mouthy fighter from another gym.

T.A.G. students grew together in skill, team building and show of force at this event.  Altogether, 125+ fighters from around the DMV area showed up.  We were the second largest team that day.  Next event Level Up Boxing does, we need a stronger showing!  Kids are also encouraged to attend!

Kru Chris

Head Instructor, federal law enforcement officer.