The Saga of a Single Mom

Written by Shaida Hong

May 30, 2019

I wanted to share with you guys first how I ended up at T.A.G. Muay Thai.  I had always battle my weight gains after giving birth to my kids (what mom hasn’t, unless if you’re the extremely blessed ones).  As a single mom, I lost myself, and just stopped taking care of me and put all my time, energy and love into my kids.  I was dealing with lots of life changes.  I started dieting and incorporating exercise and started to shed off some of my weight.

I always had a fascination with boxing and Muay Thai.  I used to sit and watch events with my dad when I was little (the ultimate tomboy).

I went on Google and went around searching for Muay Thai classes here in Sterling, VA, and found TAG and another gym in the area.  I didn’t want to end up in a Muay Thai gym where all they did was cardiovascular exercise. I reached out to both gyms, but Kru Chris called me back first.  I gathered some info, and chickened out.  I was going through my journey again with my weight loss and insecurities.  I continued to work through my fears and this time, I started to see results!  I believe if you want something, you have to work hard for it.  I decided to give it another try and reached out to Kru Chris again.  He told me just to come, stop by and try it out.  

I remember my first day going to class, Kru wasn’t there as he was on a cruise with his family in the Mediterranean.  I was immediately greeted by multiple T.A.G. coaches: Matt, Rehan, Sarah and James.  I felt a sense of relief that it was not a high testosterone, “men only” MMA training kind of spot.  I wanted to make sure wherever I end up going, that I was going to get properly trained and wanted to learn.  I was very surprised that the coaches were very professional and encouraging.  When I joined the Phase I class at 7pm at the Michael & Sons SportPlex, it was very informative.  I was able to learned basic Muay Thai stance and proper technique.  I was so hesitant to come to training since I never had formal training in the past.  I’ve only been to gyms doing kickboxing exercise classes.

I’m glad I showed up, and I even stuck around for Phase II.  Phase II at that time was Muay Thai Conditioning…I remember not being able to walk down the stairs to go home. The coaches were a little worried that I was never going to come back.  

I had a great time, stuck it out with the group.  I was encouraged to keep pushing, something I haven’t heard in awhile.  I didn’t have anyone to compete with; my only enemy was my own thought process.  

I never felt pressured into signing up or joining.  I started to come to class continuously and now TAG has become my second family. During the beginning it was more for me as I needed some ME time.  It was my personal time to clear my mind from work and get back on track with my health.  

As this is my first article, you’ll read more about how I started to transition and bring my kiddos to class with me.  I believe a family should stay strong, build and work together.  I am till this day very thankful I stumbled upon this Gym and the great group of coaches and family that came along with it.

Written by Shaida Hong – single mom of 4, Nak Muay (White Prajiad), and health chef. Learn more about T.A.G. Muay Thai by visiting our homepage, InstagramFacebook, and Twitter account. Live out of town? Get Muay Thai tutorials on YouTube to further your own fitness journey.